• Can a software save someones' life?
    An Alert
    System Can...
    Emergencies never come calling in life.
    One could sign up and alert others before Emergency Medical Services arrive and
    help in saving a precious life. These alerts could be sent in various scenarios either
    triggered by a person or automated based on number of parameters.

Alert Management System

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As the name suggests an Alert Management System (AMS) is designed to analyze various inputs from various sources, process them and notify. These sources could be human actions or sensor trigerred. In either case An AMS receives the inputs and the based on an action algorithem written would notify to a group of people or to machines for further actions. AMS is the vital instrument to save lives. Both in Human & Animal worlds.

A very simple example of AMS is Weather Alerts which are issued by a system that receives inputs from sensors located on land and in air. There are many industrie which are bound to install AMS due to Government regulations and violations could result in heavy peanlites and life long ban or complete shut down of business.

Above all, AMS is a “Life Saver” and should be encouraged to get installed wherever a need is felt. It should be thorougly tested to achieve desired triggers and must act during emergency situations.

We at Insyte are highly proud of developing such systems for our clients and capable techinically to customize them to client needs. One of our system is able to generate Alerts during Medical Emergenices and notify First Responders and Emergency Medical Services and could potentially save someone’s life. It has got a provision to conduct Mockdrills to exactly tell where these life saving devices should be placed in a closed building thus leading to a better preparation to handle “Real Emergenices”.

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