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We follow a robust project organization structure which clearly defines the lines of reporting and provides a streamlined communication process.

It has been a practice at Insyte to adhere to international standards and specifications to support properties like interoperability, durability, accessibility and scalability.

With the above strengths, Insyte has always been in a comfortable position to meet the client’s timeline.

Solution Development Cycle

S. No.  
Pre-Study, gathering & analyzing requirements & defining solution architecture
  Functional Requirements Technology Requirements Deployment Requirements
1 Functional, Security & Data Requirements Hard Ware environment & platform limitations Geographic, capacity & other usage constraints
2 System Requirement Specifications (SRS)
3 Validation from Client
4 Modification/ changes if any,as suggested by Client
5 Proof of concept for validating technology constraints
6 Approval from Client
7 Detailed Proposal
8 Sign off / Approval of finalized proposal
Detailed Study and Project Planning
9 Low level Design
10 Project Plan & Final Backup Policy
11 Approval and Sign-off from Client
12 Procurement of software and any dependent hardware
13 Deployment
14 Migration of old data
15 Testing, fixing
16 Training and handover
Cut over to Support
17 Support planning
18 Monitoring and providing support
Our Project Management Methodology helps us:
  •  Develop project plan in line with defined processes, standardized basis experience of managing other projects.
  •  Ensure the project parameters are within the defined limits in terms of timelines, cost estimates, resource requirement etc.
  •  Ensure compliance from all stakeholders for their designated tasks, both in terms of timelines and delivery quality.
  •  Comply with the defined schedule and plans.

Risk Management Process

The objective of the plan is to highlight the risk factors, analyse the impact of the risks on project execution and identify strategies to control and minimize the impact of the risk items. Insyte will identify various risk factors associated for providing the Services, the impact of the risk factors on the schedules, the quality and the measures to control and manage the risk factors identified.

Change Control Mechanism

For initiating changes in the Application, given rules will be followed:
  •  Change requests must be initiated in writing.
  •  Insyte Project Manager will conduct technical and commercial impact analysis of the change and will share with Client Project Manager the impact the given change will have on the deliverables and or, schedule.
  •  Client Project manager and Insyte Project manager must both sign off the change request.

Acceptance Criteria

The application shall be tested against defined test data and test scenarios provided by Client. Successful completion of these tests shall be the basis of acceptance of the application.

Client Support Plan

For the efficient execution of the project, we suggest the following:

Client point of contact:

The client will designate a single point for coordinating the project-related activities such as query resolution, receipt of project deliverables, project status review, deliverables review and sign-off.

Client Communication Plan:

Insyte understands the importance of interacting with customers at regular intervals. For the same, we, typically, include the following meetings as part of our client review schedule, depending on the duration of the project:

  •  Project Kickoff Meeting
  •  Weekly Status Meetings: This is accompanied by a Weekly Status Report of the project sent at least a day in advance for the Weekly Status Meeting. This meeting is typically conducted through a teleconference.
  •  Impromptu Meetings: These are exception-based meetings, resulting out of any situation that was unforeseen during the start of the project, and can be initiated by either party anytime during the course of the project.
  •  Post-project Wind-up Meeting: This is used to reconcile all the milestones of the project, project wind-up, and share feedback to improve further.
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