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We adopt HTML5, CSS 3.0 and JAVAscript to develop rich web applications. These technologies have now been adopted as the key technologies for web and mobile development by companies like Microsoft and Adobe.

With HTML5, it is possible for us to develop the kind of interfaces and functionalities that were previously possible only with special tools like Flash and Silverlight. We also use HTML5 for unified mobile development across multiple mobile platforms. We are working with several unified technologies based on HTML5, CSS and JAVAscript, including PhoneGap and Titanium for developing applications on iPhone, Android and other platforms.

2.0 Development:

We also do more traditional web development with HTML and XHTML, along with CSS and JAVAscript. In addition to website and server development, we also provide development support for Content Management Systems integrated with the websites as per the user requirements. We useJAVAscript, and libraries such as jQuery, for providing the desired client-site capabilities and dynamic look and feel to our web applications.

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