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Do you have an app idea or have a rough scratch around that? Have you hired an app wireframing service agency? Now, what is the next step for you?

Well, of course, the next step is App Prototype Development

App prototyping is the most important step of the application development process. In the startup process of app development, the iterative approach is usually being followed. These prototypes can be semi-functional or navigational prototypes. The prototypes can save lots of investment cost and are considered a good start of the app development process.

Through app prototypes, you can analyze the app structure and check its performance. You can know how your app will look like and how will it perform in the real scenario?

Our consultants can understand your app idea and majorly used personas along with its target audience. They can let you know the USP of your app. As per our development experience and analysis of specific requirements we develop the appropriate app prototype by using relevant prototype tool.

App prototypes are not the same for every app. The prototype design and functionality will depend on the type of app. Some apps may require only navigational prototypes, while others may need proof-of-concept and functional development may be the part of their development.

Our app prototype is usually delivered with the following features and functionalities:

  • • Wireframe
  • • Concept Notes
  • • Functional Specs
  • • Semi or Fully-Functional Prototype
  • • Navigational Design
  • • Sitemaps

What is App Prototyping Service?

App Prototyping Service can provide additional functionalities to the wireframes. The wireframes are the basis of the next step of – MVP Development

Fixed Time

The companies and startups may spend many years in developing the prototypes but do not ship anything. It may not be a good idea in the world of Startup. We follow the deadlines based upon our experiences and can provide initial and revised versions of your app like version 1.0 of your prototype and likewise.

Fixed Price

As the prototype development is not a single step process and may involve many revisions. For the iterative development process, you may have to spend lots of money. We do not want you to spend a huge amount on prototype development. We provide fixed price service to maintain price predictability.

Flex Scope

The scope of the application may be pre-defined, but many times it evolves during the development process. We usually follow two fixed boundaries (fixed price and fixed time), so we remain flexible for the application scope.

21 Days or Three Week App Prototyping Outline

Week 1:

  • • Sign the NDA
  • • Application idea discussion session with founder
  • • Validation and Summarization of idea
  • • Feature selection for a prototype
  • • Visual graphic designing for prototype

Week 2:

  • • Visual and Graphics Finalization
  • • Prototype Development Initialization
  • • Regular Communication

Week 3:

  • • Prototype Testing
  • • Delivery of Final Prototype


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