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We develop app wireframes that can give life to your app. We can balance the UX and engineering perspectives regardless of app complexity. Wireframing service is followed by app prototyping that is considered as the next phase of app development. It helps in-app idea validation against real users and scenario.

By following wireframe step lot of design and development rework can be reduced. Thinking and planning on a paper and concept iteration at the wireframe stage can be much more cost effective. It may save the development cost up to much extent.

Now we can move to the next development step for your app idea.

Working of App Wireframing Service

The service of App wireframing can turn your idea to wireframe that can be the base step of your app development and help in the next step that is app prototype development.

Fixed Time

Sometimes the app idea owner or the startup founders are perfectionists and during the development process of their dream app, they forget to track the app development time. As a result, their final app may be delayed.

We provide the wireframe idea in a fixed time for a fixed price. We follow the theory of constraints that help us in completing a lot of development work in a fixed time.

Fixed Price

Today a number of clients prefer hourly based hiring system, instead of that we suggest and recommend our clients a fixed price model. This way our clients can get an idea of predictable expenses. Being a startup you may have fix budget for every task and our fixed price model helps you in that

Flex Scope

We pre-define app development time and cost to create app wireframe. We know that iterations are imperative and we consider 3 iterations for wireframe iteration process at this level. With a flex scope, we can define, build and iterate loop in a well-structured manner.

7 Days or One Week App Wireframing Outline

Day 1:

  • • Sign the NDA
  • • An idea discussion session with founder
  • • Minimum viable features identification
  • • A summary or brief of your app idea by our Consultant

Day 2:

  • • Sketch drawing by hand
  • • Discussion for the sketches
  • • Sketch conversion to wireframes
  • • Balsamiq and RealTimeBoard tool are used
  • • Delivery of Wireframe PDF

Day 3:

  • • Review of Wireframe against app idea
  • • Next action initiation


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