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Mobile Apps Development Company in Columbus, OH

Insyte Consultancy Services is a USA based web and mobile app development company, offering robust and scalable end-to-end solutions. With years of experiential understanding, we specialize in delivering superior and interactive design, strategy implementation, development and deployment of intuitive web and mobile apps for a long roster of clients to put them ahead of the curve.

At Insyte, we build native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android platform. Our app development approach seamlessly amalgamates Usability design with the appropriate selection of technology stack. The two are identified based on an in-depth analysis of client requirements, end-user behavior and most significantly, the objectives that the app needs to fulfill.

We follow a stringent development process that has been much refined over the years. We have an expert team of in-house developers, designers, and strategists who are adept at building MVPs for startups and scalable apps for SMEs as well as enterprise-wide applications. We observe agile methodology to deliver excellent products to meet your precise needs within the stipulated time and budget.

Our Mobile Apps Development Approach

Being a reputed mobile apps development company in Columbus, OH, United States, we follow an agile methodology for app development.

Acquiring Project Brief & Details

Our expert team sets up a meeting with the client to understand their requirements, idea, and objectives. They try to gather as many details as possible to have a clear picture of the client’s vision.

Wireframing & Designing

This stage involves creating a blueprint and wireframing the screens. Our technical mavericks use their innate creative skills to design the app’s UI/ Workflows meticulously.

App Development

Our experienced developers develop the app as per concluded specifications and designs. They optimize the app performance and send it to the client for their feedback.


The app is rigorously tested in a variety of real-world scenarios to sniff out and amend any technical flaws. The many types of tests performed include Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Regression Testing, Device Specific Testing, and User Acceptance Testing.


After thorough app testing, we apply the desired App Stores. We make sure that all the objectives of our client have been met with and the desired functionalities are duly incorporated. Besides, we also provide test cases, installation guides and user manuals for convenience.

Support & Maintenance

We fully understand that developing an app is not a one-time task. Being a reputed mobile apps development agency in Columbus, OH, United States, we ensure complete post-development support and maintenance to keep the app abreast with the latest.

Our Strong Suits

Pillar App Strategy

We love to hear your ideas and turn them into reality. We strive to use our proven expertise to deliver you a winning product.

Your Idea + Our Strategy = Innovation

Elegant UI/UX Design

Our UI/ UX designers are incredibly proficient at iOS Human Interface Guidelines standards, Google’ Material Design Library and HTML 5 design. They use this know-how to fabricate mobile apps that people love to use and talk about.

Agile Development Process

The development stage is the most crucial phase as your app gets incorporated with the desired features and functionalities. Our award-winning team makes sure to give your app the perfect shape, so it reflects your visions.

Error-free Testing

Even a minor error in testing can cause impactful damage to the product. At Insyte, our testers run multiple tests to ensure that the app is free from all bugs and layout glitches.

Our Mobile Application Development Services

iOS App Development

Insyte Consultancy Services is a leading iOS application development company in Columbus that specializes in developing smart apps with amazing functional capabilities that fulfills the ultimate objective of the clients.

We have an in-house team of highly experienced iOS developers for UIs, development, testing, and deployment that allows the company to stay at the forefront of iOS app development. We cater to a wide array of domains and functionalities along with varying levels of intricacies. We build apps for enterprise functions, entertainment, e-commerce, travel, education, sales & marketing and more. We endeavor to deliver the most favorable final products to ensure optimal user satisfaction and engagement.

Our iOS Apps are:

Mostly Native Apps

While there are so many cross-platform technologies available nowadays, we firmly believe that none of them offers the power and control much like native technologies thus. Therefore, we primarily focus on building native iOS apps by leveraging technologies like XCode, Objective-C, and Swift.

Optimized for Performance

Building mobile apps is very different from building web apps due to factors like a limited battery, CPU power, and data restraints. Our IOS experts take all these factors into account to create robust apps that perform optimally under every circumstance.

Au courant with the Latest

Our enthusiastic team of iOS developers and designers take out time to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments. So be it design guidelines or recommendations governing the use of public APIs, you can rest assured that your iOS app will always stick to the latest.

iOS Application Genres

  • Business apps
  • Multimedia apps
  • GPS based apps
  • Augmented Reality apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Utility apps
  • Camera/ Photo apps
  • Education apps
  • Banking apps
  • Location-based apps
  • Financial apps

Android App Development

Being the fastest growing mobile platform, Android commands the mobile ecosystem with more than one-third of the world’s smartphones running on it. This has resulted in a significant surge in the demand of Android mobile apps development. At Insyte, we seek to create pioneering Android apps and enterprise-wide Android apps by combining our embryonic skills with pure passion.

We have an in-house team of full stack Android app developers, strategists, and designers who have complete access to the necessary tools to create top-selling apps.

Our Android apps are:

Device and Version Compatible

We create robust Android apps that are compatible even with the old Google-supported Android versions. Our design team ensures to deliver impeccably designed apps that run faultlessly on every Android phone.

Beautiful and Intuitive

We put a significant emphasis on crafting stunning and engaging mobile apps. Whether you choose Google’s material design ideologies for your app’s UI or wish to go with your custom-made design, you can rest assured that the final output will be spectacular.

Optimized for Performance

Being the best mobile apps development company in Columbus, we make sure that all our apps are well-optimized to the highest level. They are blazing fast and do not hurt battery performance or power consumption.

Android Application Genres

  • Enterprise apps
  • Chat apps
  • Location tracking apps
  • Augmented Reality apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Utility apps
  • Location Tracking apps
Our Team

The ‘Insyte Family’ as we proudly proclaim is a consortium of skillful designers, tech-savvy developers, and extremely professional project managers.

Owing to the diligence of our team, we have a reputation for delivering mobile application development services in Columbus on time and budget. We encourage all those who seek to fill a gap in the market by extending the pocket-friendly app development cost.

Tangible Benefits of Working with Us

Insyte Consultancy Services is a leading agency offering superior mobile application development services in Columbus. In all these years of existence, we have successfully delivered a myriad of iOS and Android mobile solutions for leading enterprises and startups.

We firmly hold that ideas only hold power when they are given adequate support. Thus, we take your half-nurtured ideas and analyze its potential to solve real-world problems. Consequently, we cultivate those ideas with the best technologies to build creative, innovative solutions. Leveraging the immense potential and necessary skills of our team, we strive to provide you with apps that will fetch you opportunities in the long run.

Your goals are ours

We only take up the work we believe in, and once we do, we work day in and out to accomplish and deliver on the goals. We relate with your vision and produce apps that fully align with your business objectives.

We understand the complete product development lifecycle

Right from ideation and planning to development, deployment, and support, we know the entire product lifecycle and understand what it takes to deliver a successful product.

Solid and scalable technology

Our in-house of mobile apps developers are deeply passionate about building groundbreaking products. Once we understand the problem, we make sure that we architect a solution which embraces the latest technology and observes the highest industry standards.

We create local and deliver international

Having worked with a long list of clients from across the globe, we have grasped the skill of project management and communication. We build products of international repute that promise to delight users all around the world.

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