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Insyte’s Process Methodology is architectured towards streamlining organizational processes and accelerating productivity with prime aim to deliver project with minimum time to market.

Configuration Management

To maintain the integrity and reliability of the work process, we at Insyte Consultancy Services, follow the configuration management procedure starting from project kickoff to project closure. Throughout the entire process, we follow a systematic procedure that includes identification of product configuration, base-lining and systematic control for indentifying configuration items for the purpose of maintaining project integrity and traceability throughout the project’s life cycle.

Decision Analysis and Resolution

To manage Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) process we use template based system. DAR is a structured-decision making process to analyze possible decisions that evaluates and identifies alternatives against established criteria. Here we follow the process that applies for both technical and non-technical areas.

Organization Process Focus

Organization Process Focus involves developing and maintaining an understanding of the software processes to assess, develop, maintain, and improve these processes. This process provides long-term commitments and resources to coordinate the development and maintenance of the software processes across current and future software projects via a group such as software engineering process group. This group is responsible for the organization's software process activities. It is specifically responsible for the development and maintenance of the organization's standard software process and related process assets (as described in the Organization Process Definition process area), and it coordinates the process activities with the software projects.

During this stage of the method we aim at planning and implementing organizational process improvement based on understanding of current strength and weaknesses of the organization's process.

Organizational Training

Our Organizational Training process includes training to support the objectives of our strategic business and to meet the needs of tactical training. In this stage we follow an effective training process along with assessment of needs, planning, instructional design, and appropriate training media (e.g., workbooks, computer software), as well as a repository of training process data.

Process and Product Quality Assurance

The Process and Product Quality Assurance is intended to determine systematically and independently whether quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements or whether these arrangements are suitable to achieve these objectives.

Product Integration Process

During Product Integration process, we adopt a holistic view and consider the projects in totality and identify product components to understand internal and external interfaces of all product components. Then we identify best integration sequence, ensuring interface compatibility, assembling the product components and deliver the product / project as a package.

Risk Management

In Risk Management process we pursue proper practices, procedures, and guidelines for the successful project development. To develop and execute a Software Risk Management Plan we identify risks as early as possible and follow the ways on revising the development strategy to lessen those risks.

Verification and Validation

We go through Verification and Validation for ensuring that selected work products can meet their specific requirements. This process contains requirements specification documents , functional specifications, architecture and design models, and test cases etc. And our Validation process is performed in the operational environment or simulated operational environment.

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