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Mobile App MVP are most of the times fascinated about minimum viable product development techniques. Well, we too are awestruck, but with the experience of product development we know that this powerful technique to develop application product may be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes it takes years to develop the meaningful product with MVP approach. But with us you don’t need to spend years for a meaningful MVP approach.

Working of MVP for Startups

MVP helps to bring your idea to the step from where the idea hypothesis can be tested and the owner can easily take the informed decisions.

Fixed Time

Most of the times startup owners keep on trying to make their app perfect and to create their dream app they usually forget to track the app development time and spend more time in making it perfect. We always try to follow the deadlines.

Fixed Price

For a MVP phase the organizations must choose a time and material based model and then try to move to a fixed priced model.

Flex Scope

There is a set budget and time to create the MVP, so now you can enter, define and build an iterative development loop.

30 Days MVP Outline

Week 1

  • • Discussion of product ides with client
  • • Competitor analysis and market research
  • • Minimum viable features identification
  • • Preparation of rough wireframes and sketches

Week 2

  • • Learning and retrospection of previous week work
  • • Visual graphic creation for prototype navigational prototype
  • • Prototype development and installation of platform
  • • Feedback gathering after uploading it as an app

Week 3

  • • Week 2 Learning and Retrospection
  • • User Feedback Collection
  • • Wireframe and visual graphics amendment
  • • Preparation of design implementation document

Week 4

  • • Week 3 Learning and Retrospection
  • • Live implementation of the app
  • • Gathering of user feedback
  • • Final app delivery


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