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In spite of a move towards Mobile/Tablet applications across the globe, web app needs are still substantial. Companies are looking to design and develop intuitive, agile and scalable applications for their business needs on web platform. Insyte offers bespoke web apps development focusing on client's need and delivering solutions designed around their requirements instead of targeting a specific technology and expecting the client to adapt to it.

Insyte offers you a wide range of talent and expertise when it comes to web application development. We design and develop apps for web 2.0 and 3.0, e-commerce portals, social network platforms and more. A significant part of this web development work is being done on the cloud with tools such as Amazon EC2 and Google Apps among others.

Our technical skill set includes:

HTML5 and XHTML Application Development:

Insyte works with the latest web technologies including HTML5 and XHMTL, CSS 3.0 and JAVAscript for developing web applications. With these latest web technologies we can bring rich interfaces and capabilities to sites that were previously possible only with Flash or Silverlight. These technologies are also becoming increasingly important in mobile application development as well. We also make use of powerful libraries such as jQuery for ease of JAVAscript development. Applications are validated across multiple browsers to ensure their compatibility.

.NET technologies:

We work extensively with Microsoft technologies. These include ASP.NET, C# and Silverlight, along with SQL Server as the database engine. This is for development of both web applications, as well as for creating web services to be consumed by client applications.

JAVA (J2EE) and Open Source:

Finally, we do a significant amount of development with JAVA application servers such as Tomcat and JBoss. J2EE applications are developed using SOA and ESB architectures. We also provide integration with several different databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL). Our open-source development includes server applications using the LAMP stack (PHP, MySQL). Along with this, we also provide CMS support using Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

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