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Insyte’s Best-in-class design expertise ensures that you achieve your business objectives. Robust technology and smart architecture are skinned with friendly, appealing interfaces, brand-driven and compelling content, making the user experience focused, engaging and truly interactive.

Our Website Offerings Include:
  •  B2B
  •  B2C
  •  Microsites
  •  Community
Our User Experience Offerings Include:

User Experience Strategy 
Insyte specializes in providing user experience services including users' interaction with website/application/interface. But before we go ahead and design a website or an application, we make sure we understand our customer, their brand perception, their end user needs, goals, habits and satisfaction levels.

Our User Experience Strategy Offerings Comprise:
  •  Brand Perception Analysis
  •  Product Evaluation/Testing
  •  Localization & Cultural Diversity Analysis
  •  Market Segmentation
  •  Competitive Benchmarking & Positioning

User Experience Research 
Our research takes care of key business issues that our clients face while developing or evolving new products, services and interfaces. Based on our research we validate our client’s new developments on both concepts & design along with recommendations for improvement.

Our User Experience Design Offerings Comprise:
  •  Information Architecture
  •  Navigation Design
  •  Interaction Design
  •  User Needs Analysis
  •  Persona creation
  •  User scenarios and goals
  •  Behavioral use cases

User Experience Technology 
Our User Experience technical experts specialize in user interfaces and Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies. They work with usability and design experts to ensure that optimum user interface technologies are used to develop highly interactive and usable applications.

Our User Experience Technology Offerings Comprise:
  •  Prototyping
  •  Rich Internet Applications
  •  Accessibility
  •  SAAS and Online Applications Portal design
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