JavaScript is mainly a client-side scripting language (though its also gaining popularity as a server-side scripting language) developed by Netscape which is widely used today and is understood by almost all browsers. It is used for form validation, making animations, make dynamic menus, create complex user interfaces, etc. Precisely its use is to develop dynamic and interactive websites.

Javascript executes within the browser and is used to control and manipulate the way a webpage behaves and does string based and mathematical processing mostly used form validation purpose. AJAX interface is the newest addition to the language which makes it possible to make asynchronous calls to remote webserver and retrieve results as html or xml and do further processing and changes in the webpage under view.

Javascript is the engine behind all types of dhtml effects. Javascript manipulates CSS properties of a web page elements to achieve various dhtml effects etc.

Javascript can be used to develop interface elements like :

Our Website development services includes:
  •  Drag Drop effects.
  •  Accordion Style Link Navigation.
  •  Drop Down effects.
  •  AJAX based elements
  •  Tab based user interface.
  •  Value Sliders
  •  E Commerce implementation

Insyte offers web development services whichutilises JavaScript and DHTML to build dynamic elements like animations, menus, form validators, etc. and implement other functionalities.

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