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Quality Assurance and Testing

Insyte quality control and quality assurance team will monitor the quality of work. A joint quality plan can be developed if the Client wants to incorporate any internal quality specifications.

Our QMS is a collection of processes aimed at aligning project requirements with our customers' required quality objectives, which, in turn, build our competencies to deliver solutions faster and on time. Our QMS framework is a blend of business-centric 'processes' and 'automation' mechanisms. We refer to it as a framework because these mechanisms are flexible and scalable and can be customized to meet the requirements of different projects. For each activity in the development life cycle that contributes to the final product, several ensuing QA reviews, verification and validation rounds ensure that customer requirements are met to satisfaction.

All process documentation is covered by our own '4Ps' structure — Process, Policy, Procedure and Principles — to scope for tailoring our organizational processes according to the needs of a particular project.

  • 1
  • PolicyA policy rolled out by management. It defines the broad scope and outline of the process.
  • 2
  • ProcessA flowchart describing the actions that are performed as part of a particular process.
  • 3
  • ProcedureA list of step-by-step instructions that specify the correct method for performing an activity.
  • 4
  • PrinciplesThe guidelines and additional information needed to effectively and correctly apply a procedure. (Includes formats, templates, checklists and standards).

We believe that our process focus should not stop at awareness and conformance but should also entail continuous improvement. Therefore, we follow a model of process definition (according to the 4Ps explained earlier), followed by process control and accurate and timely analysis of issues utilizing automated process management tools such as the Quality Process Tracker. Root-cause analysis is also performed on all issues uncovered in QA, followed by a management review to decide the best course of action and controlled implementation of recommended actions.

We have also realized that customer service is the key to successful development. Our structure allows for full-fledged resources committed to client servicing before, during and after the project delivery. A one-point contact, for each project literally functions as our 'customer's voice' on the operations floor and ensures that the client is kept updated with the current situation and any issues are immediately resolved.

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