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Give wings to your imagination by developing your dream mobile app with us.

Well, the time has come when your dream app must come out of your imagination. Now Google Play Store and Apple App Store can be the right place for the app of the Appreneurs like you.

We are here to provide you with a complete solution for your App Development with the help of our qualified and experienced Mobile App Consultants.

In short, we can provide an executable plan to bring your app idea to a real platform and even make it better with our valuable inputs that comes from our experience of designing, developing and delivering more than 250 apps till date.

Our Consultant Team to Provide You Assistance

We have a dedicated and experienced app development team that is available round the clock to provide exclusive assistance for your product.

Right from designing and developing a mobile app strategy to Testing and Deployment of your application, we can provide globally recognized and quality mobile app desing and development services.

Presence of a number of apps on the App Store developed by our team members certifies our quality service. The reviews posted by our clients show that we are damn serious about what we do and it’s greatly appreciated. Converting an idea into an app that is successful is the ultimate passion for us. It’s like nurturing a baby and watch it growing.

Our experts can handle and resolve various problems that can be faced by Appreneurs. We have the solutions for all possible problems that may be part of any mobile app design & development.

The commonly seen issues like whether to develop an iPhone App first or Android App or designing of PUSH Notification strategy without annoying user keep confusing Appreneurs. Our experts are capable to provide you with the solution of all such and much more complex issues of App development.

Our experts are well-qualified and experienced developers. They know the value of maintaining quality and timely delivery of the product within the deadline.

Our App Designing and Development Strategy

i) Idea Validation

You may have a solid app idea and believe that it will work, and so you want to get it developed. Well, every app idea has to pass through two feasibility criteria. One is appropriate to market or audience for the app and two, the technical viability.

To handle such issues, we follow a pre-defined strategy prior to designing and developing an app. Firstly we evaluate any app idea and provide initial notes provided by our experts. Then, the next step of our process is to initiate a small prototype design phase that may have a life ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks. This prototype model has all user experience elements and user interface that can be appropriate for non-technical or normal people.

This way we can gather real user feedback for the real app just by spending a fraction of cost.

ii) Technology Selection

Now that you have got potential and validated app idea that can be perfect for your user. The next step is to select the best technology for developing your mobile app. Presence of multiple technologies makes this step quite difficult and confusing.

As mobile technologies are still developing, there are lots of technical buzzwords these days like HTML5 apps, Native Apps and Hybrid Apps. Too many buzzwords can make the technology selection difficult.

Our proficient technical experts are much aware of the pros and cons of each technology and can help you in selecting the right technology for your app. They can give you reasons to use any particular technology and how it can be beneficial to you?

This can be explained by real-life example – e.g if, you want to develop an app that may be suitable and compatible with all possible and available platforms. And, knowing that windows, Blackberry and many other app platforms are out there.

However, you may not get more than 2% market share for your windows mobile app and hence, must avoid and not consider developing your app for windows platform.

iii) Agile and Flexible App Development Techniques

A number of mobile app frameworks are evolving these days. Now the Objective-C and Swift components can be grouped together. Developers can use already available components and need not to develop every component from scratch. You can get your app designed as per market requirement and leverage all platforms’ features.

During our Agile development process, the consultants will guide and keep you involved throughout the development process. In this way, you can give your feedback and ask for any change. As a result, you can get the app features designed as per your requirement.

This way the development process and cycle become flexible and through iterative development process the success chances get increased. Here we will keep you involved throughout the app development process and you can test each module of your app as and when it gets developed.

iv) User Retention and App Monetization

Many times, user install and un-install apps very quickly, therefore, user retention is one of the biggest concerns among Appreneurs. App developers have to keep customers or users engaged and have them spend maximum possible time on the app. Our consultants know many ways to keep the customer engaged. You can consult them and retain your user for a long time.

You also want to monetize on your app. App monetization is a subject of study and may need expert reviews and opinion. Our consultants can guide you about designing an app that can be easily monetized by proper Decoy implementation. We can and will advise various ways to make money from your apps.

App monetization strategy designing may need finance and psychological experts. You should know the user mindset and his expectations. When a user wants to use any particular function, then by offering him his desired feature you can easily get your app monetized.

v) Increased Number of Downloads

App marketing is an essential aspect to increase the number of downloads. In the mobile world, you will have to take additional care to market the app. Without misleading your users, you will have to present and launch your app.

You should know the demographic conditions and user psychology to market the app and choose right methods. Our consultants can guide you throughout the marketing campaign for your mobile app. They can help you in designing the unbiased and quality mobile apps so that you can get more users for your app.

If still, you have any query about our working strategies then you can Contact Us. We are always here to provide you round-the-clock assistance and support.


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