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Outsourcing is an integral part of our world today, as it helps companies manage costs, without compromising on quality. This engagement model involves a dedicated team of project managers, developers who complement the client’s team in terms of skills, experience and resources. The service provider’s team is based in an offshore environment, providing the required support to the client’s team.

Insyte Consultancy Services has a proven track record of delivering services to clients; using the Managed Offshore Development Center (MODC) delivery model.

MODC is usually a long-term work engagement between the client and the service provider. The client specifies the type of work and the number of resources required, along with the skill sets and the time period involvement. These teams are reserved exclusively for the client's projects and are exclusively trained to work in the client's domain and technology area. An SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) manual is compiled which specified the service levels, standards, workflow, processes, methodologies and escalation matrix, specifically applicable for the client.

Insyte Consultancy Services is well placed to offer ODC services through its quality infrastructure & facilities, uninterrupted communication links, dedicated Project / Program Managers and a strong administration and resourcing team.

Our Value Proposition as an Offshore Development Center includes:
  •  Long Term Engagement
  •  Virtual extension of client's operating environment
  •  Time Zone Advantage
  •  Cost Minimization
  •  Protection of Intellectual Property
  •  Dedicated Infrastructure & Resources
  •  Quality Assurance
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